Now Live: Winning Gideon (Maple Hart 1)

Why was it so damn hard to ask that cute barista out on a date? 

I was supposed to be an Alpha. The most feared man in Maple Hart. I was used to being treated like an outcast, a criminal. Everyone else knew me as the gruff mountain man with no friends. I lived off the land and set my own terms. I thought I was content…until he came along. 

Gideon Thaddeus Bright. Barista. Sassy Omega. Cute as a button. 

The moment Gideon flashed that sexy smile at me, I was a goner. One look and I knew I had to make this Omega mine. One kiss and I understood that fate sent Gideon to me for a reason. I didn't have to be alone anymore. Gideon was born for me. He was my soul mate. The bearer of our future kids but I was getting way ahead of myself. I still needed Gideon to fall head over heels for me and win his heart. I just hope I don't screw this up.