Now Live: Always Denver (Maple Hart 2)

Wayne: Being in love with my best friend should be a blessing in disguise, not a curse.

For years, I’ve pined and longed for Denver from afar. I could hold my own against other Alphas. When someone pushed me, I viciously fought back. There was only one fight I could never win and it was the battle for Denver’s heart.

Denver was my one true weakness. 

Over the years, he’d schemed and plotted. He always got his way—until now. Denver needed a pretend boyfriend at his ex’s wedding. I was a convenient solution. I never once asked him for anything in return. This time, I was going to demand a heavy toll. Denver was finally going to be my Omega.

Denver: Wayne’s the best guy I know. I don’t exactly have an exemplary record when it comes to relationships. None of my hook-ups last more than a week. I’m terrified of commitment. Wayne’s always been content to stay in the background but begging Wayne to be my pretend boyfriend changed everything. Wayne’s become different, possessive, and I find myself unable to resist the new him. 

Is it really wrong to want my best friend?