Now Live: Wild Beast (Ashfall Mountain 5)

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Someone is silently hunting Max. When Max confronts his stalker, he’s shocked to discover it’s a newly changed submissive werewolf who wants Max to end him. Max used to hunt rogues for a living but he can’t bring himself to kill Finn. Max doesn’t think he’s capable of caring for another but Finn’s able to easily get under his fur. Finn’s the light to his darkness, but could Max keep someone so good and pure without breaking him?
Finn thought his life was over when he ceased to become human. He’s found a new reason to live with Max. The growly and dominant werewolf doesn’t trust easily. But once Finn manages to breach Max’s shields, he finds a home with his protective and demanding wolf. They only have one problem. Both their packs are at each other’s throats and one wrong move could trigger a war.