Now Live: Saving Rhys

I can't fall for my best friend's son…

I always had a thing for Rhys but he's out-of-bounds. At 40, I should have everything figured out. I'm a retired cop, an Alpha with too much time on his hands. My life is a mess. When the wet and homeless Omega turns up at my doorstep, I offer him a place to stay the night.

Rhys is an unnecessary complication. The longer he stays, I become more convinced he's mine to keep. Who am I kidding? We both need each other. But sooner or later, Rhys will leave. Being on the road makes him happy. Once that happens, he'll take my heart along with him. Can I give him a reason to stay?

***Saving Rhys is a standalone age-gap m/m non-shifter Mpreg novella.