Now Live: Taming Todd (Maple Hart 4)


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Todd: Sometimes being a famous Omega isn’t all it’s cracked out to be.

When a tenacious stalker becomes obsessed with me, I reluctantly agree to hire an Alpha bodyguard. Marco doesn’t care I’m the star of a popular soap opera show. He’s gruff, rough, and frustratingly devoted to keeping me safe. Marco isn’t like anyone I’ve ever met. He keeps me in check. It’s way too easy letting my shields down around him. 

I trust him to guard my body. It’s my heart I’m afraid he’ll wreck.

Marco: Todd’s the last Omega on earth that needs rescuing.

I’d been around my share of celebrities. Dealing with them is hard work, but Todd’s unlike the famous clients I’ve worked for before. Todd’s bright, loud, and the life of any party. I can’t afford distractions. I need to take my job seriously but Todd’s making it hard to do.

I’m a commitment-shy Alpha. Todd’s not looking for a boyfriend. He’s too focused on his career. Where does that leave us?