Tuesday, 17 July 2018

New Release: Abel (Abel's Bloodline 1)

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Plagued by mysterious dreams of a fallen and wrongfully imprisoned vampire king, socially awkward human Elliot thinks he’s slowly going insane. Elliot seeks out Abel, only to find out his vampire king is real. As Abel’s rightful mate, only Elliot has the power to free the vampire king, but that might also mean surrendering his heart to Abel and damning his own soul in the process.

For a century, only vengeance has fueled Abel’s will to live, until he meets Elliot. His fated human mate is more than he could ask for. Elliot’s misunderstood, complicated and loyal to a fault. Elliot deserves better, but Abel has waited several lifetimes for his fated mate, and he’ll eliminate whoever gets in his way. When old enemies emerge from the shadows, can a fallen king both retake his throne and claim his rightful mate?

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

New Release: Carnal Hunger (Devil Hills Wolves 6)

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Jack and his family have been hunted their entire lives because of his ability to see the future. After his parents sacrificed themselves to save Jack and his brother, Jack flees to the Devil Hills wolf pack for sanctuary. Charming and sexy werewolf Max instantly gets his attention but Jack knows dancing with the lethal enforcer might just end up with Max breaking his heart.

After seeing the other enforcers of the pack mated, Max never thought a mate was for him until he spots the human seer Jack. Jack calls to his inner wolf like no other. Sparks instantly fly but with a war about to break out in the horizon, Max isn’t sure how to divide his time between Jack and his duties to the pack.

Jack thinks tangling with him might only lead to a broken heart but Max is intent on proving that Jack’s the only one for him.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Now Live: The Darkfall Mountain Pack Collection Volume 1

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GARRET'S DILEMMA: Dominant werewolf Garret Marks is a part of the Darkfall Mountain Pack. The lone wolf of the pack, Garret’s peaceful solitary existence is shattered when an injured human male stumbles into his property. The human drags all of Garret’s protective animalistic instincts to the surface, preventing Garret from walking away.

HARLEY'S GAMBLE: Taken captive and tortured by hunters, vampire Silas begins to crave death when a rampaging werewolf saves his life. A bloodsucker isn’t a werewolf’s ideal mate, but Silas brings all of Harley’s territorial instincts to the surface. Alone and cornered, can Harley and Silas survive long enough see if they have a future together?

SERGIO'S OBSESSION: To strengthen his pack, Alpha Sergio Esteban must marry from the enemy pack. Too bad Sergio plays for the all-male team and is more interested in his bride-to-be’s brother, Ron. Sergio has always placed the needs of his pack before his own. But this time, he intends to claim his obsession, no matter the stakes.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

New Release: Lethal Desire (Devil Hills Wolves 6)

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Captured and tortured by a pro-human faction responsible for rehabilitating non-humans, Theo’s only sin is having a psychic for a brother. Theo expects to die after his brother, but the Squad has one last use for him—as a sleeper spy to kill the Alpha of the most dangerous wolf pack in the country. Theo’s nearly given up on living, until he comes face-to-face with a feral and possessive werewolf able to strip his heart bare and help him heal both inside and out.

When a naked, bleeding human is dropped on pack land borders, werewolf enforcer Joe knows Theo is trouble. Theo can’t be trusted, but Joe’s wolf recognizes its fated mate. Joe defies his pack and even his Alpha to keep Theo, but can Joe help break Theo’s brainwashing, or is he doomed to lose his mate?

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Now Live: The Stocoma City Collection Volume 1

BUTCHER'S BOY: Three crime families of shifters rule Stocoma City in an uneasy alliance. Connor Scavos, The Butcher, is one of the three werewolf alphas in charge of House Scavos. He's always taken care of the family business, but family business has to take a back seat when Connor finds his mate in an illegal flesh auction.

REN'S ACCIDENTAL MATE: For seven years, Ren Vivaldi's been avoiding the family business. He returns to Stocoma City to fulfill his father's dying wish. Ren didn't think being mated and impregnated by the enemy was what his father had in mind, but the primal heat between his lion and Lance Scavos' wolf is too hot to deny.

RIVER'S TORMENT: Dominant lion shifter River Vivaldi found his mate during a gang war. Instead of taking the stripper Ricky home, River abandoned him. Ricky returns ten years later, with River's pup and seeking River's help. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The sparks between them burn brighter. Can River channel Ricky's hatred into something else?

Buy Link: Siren Publishing