Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Newsletter Subscriber Special

I have something special in store for my newsletter subscribers :). I'll be posting a new chapter each week of my standalone MM paranormal novella, Mail Order Mail. Once all the chapters are out, I'll be publishing the book.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

New Release: White Wolf's Claim

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

Omega werewolf Alex Brady always knew his childhood crush and the future Alpha has been way out of his league. Alex skipped town the first chance he could only to return to his pack, jobless, heart broken, and unsure of what he truly wants. Some things never change, like his love for Rider. But when the pack decides to invite other wolf packs for Rider to choose a breeder, does Alex have the courage to tell the Alpha how he truly feels?

Rider Barron has always known who he was. He’s the Alpha of the Bracken Edge pack and his heart had always belonged to one person. He’s stood aside all these years, not wanting to get in the way of Alex’s happiness. Now that his Omega is back, its time for him to make his move. Before they could get a shot at happiness, Rider has to deal with internal strife in his pack.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

New Release: Theron (Abel's Bloodline 3)

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

Vampire lieutenant Theron is not known for his mercy. When an enemy coven sends a blood slave to kill him, Theron shows forgiveness. He feels unexpected possessiveness and attraction to his would-be assassin. Realizing Seth is his mate, Theron offers Seth his protection, but will the human ever learn to trust another vampire again? 

Seth’s entire life changed when a vampire took him from the streets and turned him into a blood slave. He never thought he could stomach being around vampires after his ordeal, but Theron’s different. When Theron secures his freedom, Seth doesn’t know what to do next. The last thing he expects is to fall for his surprising savior, but loving the vampire warrior might mean his doom. 

When someone from Theron’s own coven betrays him and threatens his happiness with Seth, can Theron weed out the traitor in time?

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

New Release: Raphael (Abel's Bloodline 2)

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

Some scars can never heal and Derrick knows he can never return to his old life after the trauma he’s experienced with a rogue vampire group. One reckless night nearly costs Derrick his life, but his unexpected guardian angel appears in the form of Raphael. Raphael’s the only reason Derrick’s maintained his sanity, but he never thought he’d see the vampire lieutenant again. Derrick doesn't understand his magnetic attraction to Raphael but he intends to find out if there’s a possible future between them.

The vampire Raphael has never been interested in finding a mate, until Derrick Pace. After their kidnapping ordeal, Raphael’s closely watched out for Derrick, although he doesn’t comprehend why. When a new enemy rises, Raphael decides he’s done watching his mate from the shadows. He intends to claim Derrick, even if that means igniting a fight with another vampire coven.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Now Live: The Stocoma City Collection Volume 2 (MMF)

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

THE SPYMASTER'S CROW: Three crime families of shifters have always ruled Stocoma City in an uneasy alliance. When the peace accords are broken, the last thing mob boss Maxwell Scavos and his mate Dominic Marks needs is taking Aubrey Ansel, a lesser crow shifter, as a third.

LONDON'S MATES: Their role as captor and captive start to blur when London Scavos finds out his enemy, Charity Vivaldi, is his mate. Then there’s Ferus Miller, his pack enforcer and possibly his mate. London can see a future with his two unlikely mates, but can he turn that vision into a reality?

GOOD KITTEN: Lioness shifter Ragan Vivaldi is placed in charge of security at her brother’s wedding. The last thing she expects to find are her two mates at the local BDSM club. With so much at stake Ragan can’t afford to play submissive cat to two dominant wolves, but Ragan is sick of being the good girl.