Thursday, 24 May 2018

Now Live: The Stocoma City Collection Volume 1

BUTCHER'S BOY: Three crime families of shifters rule Stocoma City in an uneasy alliance. Connor Scavos, The Butcher, is one of the three werewolf alphas in charge of House Scavos. He's always taken care of the family business, but family business has to take a back seat when Connor finds his mate in an illegal flesh auction.

REN'S ACCIDENTAL MATE: For seven years, Ren Vivaldi's been avoiding the family business. He returns to Stocoma City to fulfill his father's dying wish. Ren didn't think being mated and impregnated by the enemy was what his father had in mind, but the primal heat between his lion and Lance Scavos' wolf is too hot to deny.

RIVER'S TORMENT: Dominant lion shifter River Vivaldi found his mate during a gang war. Instead of taking the stripper Ricky home, River abandoned him. Ricky returns ten years later, with River's pup and seeking River's help. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The sparks between them burn brighter. Can River channel Ricky's hatred into something else?

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

New Release: Bitten Hard (Devil Hills Wolves 4)

Lance is the Beta, the second most powerful werewolf in the Devil Hills wolf pack for a reason. He’s logical and level-headed in intense situations, except when it comes to his mate. His heart tore in half when he thought he lost Joey. When Lance comes face-to-face with his lost lover, all he sees is betrayal and rage.   

Five years ago, Joey took his sister and fled after their old pack was massacred by paranormal-hating humans. His one regret was leaving Lance. Joey’s sole focus was survival, even if that meant lying his way inside the lands where Lance is second only to the Alpha.

Joey knows he has a long way to go to make amends. But will the man who always owed his body and his heart, give him a another chance to redeem himself?

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

New Release: Devil's Property (Devil Hills Wolves 3)

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Half werewolf and half telekinetic, Santino Moreno is called the Devil for a reason. Lethal in a fight and dangerously seductive in bed, no one has ever managed to tame him. Searching for a way to heal his sister, Santino saves Zack, a bobcat shifter healer, and his crew of misfits from paranormal-hating humans and allows them inside the Devil Hills pack lands. Something about Zack calls to Santino’s wolf, and he can’t deny the scorching attraction between them.   

Zack has done all he could to save the remains of his decimated paranormal community. He just lied to the most powerful werewolf pack in the country to save his people, but his deceit unravels the more he spends time with Santino. Zack lost his old home, but can he find his place in the Devil Hills pack and manage to survive his dance with the Devil?

Thursday, 19 April 2018

New Release: Savage Alpha (Devil Hills Wolves 2)

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Survival is Daryl Rush’s number one priority. On the hunted list of a powerful organization, Daryl and his brother spent their entire lives hiding, until a werewolf pack takes them in. The last thing Daryl needs is romance, but he can’t deny his attraction to the Alpha, Deacon Becker. Savage, lethal, and untouchable, Deacon is called the Demon Alpha for a reason. All Daryl needs is a shove in the right direction, but will he be able to tame the demon and come out unscathed?   

After seeing his entire pack decimated, Deacon became Alpha at a young age. He built his pack from the ground up and would tear down any threat that comes near his home. Mates are a weakness, but the more he denies his wolf, the more his need intensifies. And Deacon wants Daryl for his mate, but will mating a human psychic come at a high price?