Wednesday, 5 December 2018

New Release: Smoking Hot (Geeks and Dragons 2)

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

When socially awkward recluse Toby meets a smoking hot dragon shifter who doesn’t accept no for an answer, sparks fly and hearts are set on fire.

Toby likes being a work-from-home recluse. He’s never understood people and lately, he’s been spending way too much time on his favorite MMORPG. When another player suggests they meet in real life, Toby panics. When it turns out Smoke is a six-foot-plus sexy titan who claims he’s a dragon shifter to boot, Toby feels way out of his league.

Smoke’s certain that Toby’s his one true mate and he’s determined to lure the shy and cute human out of his shell. When Toby finally lowers his walls down, Smoke is determined to claim Toby as his but an unexpected enemy catches them both off-guard. Smoke’s done playing nice. He’ll incinerate anyone who’s foolish enough to get in the way of his and Toby’s mating.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

New Release: Dark Obsession (Geeks and Dragons 1)

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

It was supposed to be an easy job, but Jake never expected to fall for one fire-breathing sexy dragon shifter. 

Making a living breaking hearts is tough, but Jake Bell needs to keep his brother on life support. Too bad Jake’s fallen for the victim in his latest online love scam. Unable to bear hurting Dark, he breaks all ties with the shifter. Jake never expected to come in contact with Dark again, until a scary black dragon appears to him one night and kidnaps him.

Black dragon shifter Dark has always lived an isolated existence on his lonely mountain, but Dark knows he found his mate in Jake. When Jake suddenly goes off-grid, he tracks down his human, demanding answers. Jake then turns his entire world upside down. His human holds his savage heart captive, but can a relationship built on a shaky foundation of lies withstand the force of a coming storm?

Friday, 12 October 2018

New Release: Mail Order Mate

Time is running out for Omega cat shifter Linus Frazier. He's the first Omega in his clan to become independent but Linus wants something else. A baby daddy. Linus will do whatever it takes to conceive, even if that means signing up with a breeding agency and bedding a complete stranger.
Dominant bear shifter and cattle rancher Salvatore Beckett is running on borrowed time. His bear has grown wild and he's about to spiral out of control. There's only one fix for him and that's offspring to care for. But a simple contract becomes complicated when Linus turns up on his doorstep. Sal still yearns for stability, but he just doesn't want a baby. He also wants a forever mate.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

New Release: White Wolf's Claim

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

Omega werewolf Alex Brady always knew his childhood crush and the future Alpha has been way out of his league. Alex skipped town the first chance he could only to return to his pack, jobless, heart broken, and unsure of what he truly wants. Some things never change, like his love for Rider. But when the pack decides to invite other wolf packs for Rider to choose a breeder, does Alex have the courage to tell the Alpha how he truly feels?

Rider Barron has always known who he was. He’s the Alpha of the Bracken Edge pack and his heart had always belonged to one person. He’s stood aside all these years, not wanting to get in the way of Alex’s happiness. Now that his Omega is back, its time for him to make his move. Before they could get a shot at happiness, Rider has to deal with internal strife in his pack.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

New Release: Theron (Abel's Bloodline 3)

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

Vampire lieutenant Theron is not known for his mercy. When an enemy coven sends a blood slave to kill him, Theron shows forgiveness. He feels unexpected possessiveness and attraction to his would-be assassin. Realizing Seth is his mate, Theron offers Seth his protection, but will the human ever learn to trust another vampire again? 

Seth’s entire life changed when a vampire took him from the streets and turned him into a blood slave. He never thought he could stomach being around vampires after his ordeal, but Theron’s different. When Theron secures his freedom, Seth doesn’t know what to do next. The last thing he expects is to fall for his surprising savior, but loving the vampire warrior might mean his doom. 

When someone from Theron’s own coven betrays him and threatens his happiness with Seth, can Theron weed out the traitor in time?