Now Available: Whizz (Moon Burrow Bears 10)


Some scars run too deep, but perhaps Dylan could find solace in his biker bear.

Secrets. It's Whizz's duty to uncover them for the Grizzly Reapers MC, but he harbors one dark secret of his own. When a rescue mission leads him to Dylan, Whizz doesn't know what to think. Despite the horrors Dylan endured during his abduction, he remains Whizz's ray of sunshine. But some monsters don't know when to stay down, and Dylan's old tormentor wants him back. Whizz failed the most important person to him once, and he won't allow it to happen again.

Darkness. Dylan had nearly succumbed to the darkness after his entire world was turned upside down. With no friends or family to turn to, he had nothing to look forward to until a certain biker bear broke his chains. Whizz cautions him that nothing good will come from their relationship, but Dylan believes Whizz is worth the risk.

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