Now Live: Logan (Grizzly Mountain Lodge)


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Cook wanted. Must be able to work with 3 growly Alphas. Omegas with weak constitutions need not apply.

After an unexpected tragedy, Billy needs to get away from his old life. He packs up, leaves, and somehow ends up as a cook on the Grizzly Mountain Lodge. Billy runs his kitchen like a boss. Only one cocky Alpha has the balls to cross swords with him.
Logan’s one infuriating and possessive bear but Billy begins to look forward to their heated debates. Billy’s careful to guard his heart. He can’t deal with another break-up or another loss. Love, a child, and a mate are not in the cards for Billy but a single moment can change everything. Can Logan be the secret ingredient he’s missing out on? 

Logan’s distrustful of the new cook. Billy’s adorably snarky and he makes the best chocolate croissants. He’s unlike any Omega Logan’s ever met. What’s worse? Logan suspects Billy might be exactly what he needs. When the ice between them unexpectedly thaws, Logan’s determined to win Billy over. Billy can put up many walls around his heart. Logan won’t accept defeat lying down. Sooner or later, he’ll win Billy over with his irresistibly grumpy charm.