Now Live: Lucas (Grizzly Mountain Lodge 3)


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One reluctant Omega recovering from a bad breakup and one Alpha determined to win his heart…

Milo desperately needs a vacation. He takes a road trip to Grizzly Mountain Lodge to forget his recent heartbreak. But a single Omega on the open road is a magnet for trouble. When his car breaks down and a predator starts hunting him, Milo doesn’t know what to do. Luck’s on his side when a cocky and gorgeous Alpha stops to offer his help. Lucas is different from his ex. The Alpha’s fierce, protective, and unexpectedly sweet. Milo can’t help but fall for him but after his recent experience with his ex, Milo isn’t sure he’s ready for a relationship.

Lucas is the last unmated Griffin brother. He keeps telling his brothers he doesn’t need a mate. Deep down, Lucas wants it all—his very own Omega, a brood of kids, and a home to call his one. He knows Milo is the one, but the Omega still has scars on his heart from his recent break-up. Lucas won’t take defeat lying down. He’s determined to win Milo’s heart, and claim him as his own, no matter the cost.

A reluctant Omega meets his match in Lucas, a MM omegaverse mpreg shifter romance. There are no cliffhangers or cheating, and a HEA is guaranteed.