Now Live: Jumping Jax (Shattered Pack 4)


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An unwanted Omega yearning for freedom. An Alpha who made an unbreakable promise. When their paths collide, sparks ignite.

Jax Nolan feels like an outsider in his own pack. Without a mate or kids to tie him down, Jax leaves home to fulfill a promise to a dying friend. His journey takes him to Silver Bullet Springs, to a poisonous pack and to a sweet Omega whose soul resonates with his. Jax’s finally found his true mate, but another dangerous player wants to claim Gavin for himself. Backed into a corner and surrounded by enemies—can Jax and Gavin make it out alive?

Gavin Moon’s led a sheltered life. Protected by his grandfather and hated by his pack mates, Gavin doesn’t know where he belongs. When his grandfather reveals he’s dying, Gavin’s shattered. It doesn’t help that the new lead Alpha of his pack has set his sights on Gavin. Then Jax appears. A dark horse. A fearsome protector. Jax’s everything Gavin’s ever wished for in a mate. Too bad Gavin isn’t sure if Jax will stick around once his debt to Gavin’s grandfather is paid.

A lost Omega finds his Alpha in Jumping Jax, a full-length mm mpreg shifter romance. It is book four in the Shattered Pack series. There are no cliffhangers or cheating, and a HEA is guaranteed.