New Release: Hedgehog for Hawke (Claws Inc. 3)

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A single Omega dad who’s not looking for love. A restless Alpha who can’t put down roots.

Omega River Harmon only has two priorities—his new job and taking care of his nephew. River’s been burnt before. He’s not interested in dating anyone new but a certain playful Alpha is hellbent on changing his mind. Hawke’s everything River could every want in a mate but Hawke’s a nomad. A wanderer. When push comes to shove, will Hawke bolt or stick around?

Alpha Hawke Olsen can’t stay in one place. He left his hometown the moment he turned 18. Now he’s back but it won’t be long before the travel bug bites him again. His plans go astray when he meets River and his son. River gives him plenty of reasons to stay. Could the feisty Omega convince Hawke to finally put down roots?

Hawke and River aren’t looking for love, but fate has a way of pushing fated mates together.

A determined and playful Alpha wins the heart of his stubborn and reluctant Omega in Hedgehog for Hawke. It is book 3 in the Claws Inc. series. There are no cliff-hangers or cheating, and a HEA is guaranteed.