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If Max wants a future with his mate, he must leave his past behind. Riley must deal with his demons and be the Alpha his Omega needs. 

Max Warner is obsessed with tying up loose ends. He and his best friend managed to escape a cult run by a controlling Alpha. That chapter of his life is over. Max should focus on starting fresh. On winning the heart of his broken and gorgeous Alpha. Riley’s resistant and stubborn but Max isn’t daunted. Riley is his fated mate, whether the bullheaded Alpha likes it or not. To move forward, Max must abandon his search for the other missing Omegas. It's time for Max to put down roots. To strengthen his bond with his mate. When Max finds out it’s not that easy to let go of the past, he has a tough decision to make.

The clock is ticking for Alpha Riley Morton. Day by day, his humanity is slowly slipping away. Max is not afraid of him. He believes in Riley. In the two of them. The sweet and strong-willed Omega might even be the cure he needs, but something is holding Riley back. Max managed to survive one nightmare. Riley can’t subject him to another but he can’t seem to leave Max alone either. If he can’t have Max, no one else can. They’re in this together until the end.

Book 5 in the Exiled Pack series features a spirited Omega hell-bent on saving others—including his headstrong Alpha, a dangerous cult and one spoiled alpaca. Each book features a different main couple. HEA guaranteed.