Now Available: Bane (Moon Burrow Bears 5)


There’s a war waging inside Bane, and Jules might be his only lifeline.

Bane Saunders doesn’t have much time left.

His inner grizzly has gone berserk. Without his missing soul mate to anchor him down, he might devolve into a dangerous beast. But there’s still hope for Bane. The omega he saved years ago might be his salvation, but Bane was never cut out to be anyone’s mate. When Jules stumbles back into Bane’s arms, badly injured and marked by a dangerous predator, Bane realizes he’s made a terrible mistake. He lost Jules once, but it won’t happen again.

Jules Hagen’s days are numbered.

He made one fatal mistake years ago, and now he’s being hunted by a tenacious master vampire. With no place left to go, Jules flees to Moon Burrow and back to Bane. Everything changed when Bane saved his life years ago. Jules has always pined for Bane, but Bane made it clear he doesn’t feel the same way. When Jules discovers Bane needs him as much as he does, maybe there’s a flicker of hope for the two of them.

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