Now Available: Raven Bound (Moon Burrow Ravens Book 2)


A burned-out half-fae ex-cop. A raven shifter taking his first steps into the supernatural world.

Christian Avery is not ready to move on. After his humanity was taken away, Christian has trouble adapting to his new life as a raven shifter. He feels stifled by his overprotective flock mates. All Christian wants is one night to himself. That night ends in disaster when Christian is lured into a supernatural killer’s den. Just when Christian thinks death is ready to claim him, a gruff half-fae investigator surfaces to save him.

Ford Benton is relentless. His sole goal in life is finding the creature who put his partner six-foot under. Meeting his fated mate is an unexpected surprise. When danger closes in, Christian and Ford agree to work together to bring a serial killer down. As Ford becomes closer to Christian, he realizes that there might be more to life than vengeance.

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