Now Available: Lenny (Moon Burrow Bears 8)

Can Jack save his biker bear, or will Lenny's rage consume him?

Volatile. That's the perfect word to describe Lenny's grizzly. His MC brothers consider Lenny no better than a rabid animal. Some of them even believe that putting Lenny down is the best option for the club. Lenny himself is willing to face his own execution. But all bets are off when he's sent on a mission to rescue an empath from a bloodthirsty group of hunters. While most people are terrified of Lenny, Jack is different. He believes that Lenny can be saved, but the road to redemption will be long and hard.

Betrayed. Jackson Lake never expected the people he helped with his psychic abilities to turn against him. On the run and with nowhere to go, fate leads him to a terrifying and broken biker bear who claims that Jack is his fated mate. But some wounds run deep, and Lenny is consumed by rage that threatens to swallow Jack whole. Can Jack save his beloved biker, or will he end up losing him?