Now Available: Enchanted by You (Mage Match 1)


In my world, mages and foxes don’t mix…


As the eldest son of the eldest son of the McGowans, my mage family expects great things from me. But all I’ve turned out to be is a massive disappointment. Bringing a shifter to a family gathering isn’t winning me any brownie points… even if said shifter is as handsome as a fox. I’ve had a thing for James Mullins for as long as I can remember. James insists we’re better off as friends, but… what if that’s about to change?


I thought I knew every single thing about Ollie, but it turns out he’s been keeping massive secrets from me. How did I not know his family is a big deal in the magical community? Even worse, they despise shifters—especially me. When a rogue warlock targets Ollie, I'm not leaving my mate's side until the threat is gone. Hold on, did I just call Ollie my mate?

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