New Release: Piston (Moon Burrow Bears Book 9)


A doomed vampire. A vengeful biker bear. An unlikely union.

Overturned. Piston's life underwent a complete reversal the moment his sister was murdered. Vengeance wasn't far from his mind, but with two young nieces to look after, avenging his sister was the least of his priorities. When a friend calls Piston in for a favor, he can't refuse, even if it means sheltering a bloodsucking leech. However, Linus isn't what Piston expects. Despite the centuries he's lived, Linus is unexpectedly naive and sweet. Linus and he are from two completely different worlds, but when temptation is within reach, no one can refuse fate's call.

Traitor. The vampire king of his coven has branded Linus an enemy, and Linus has no idea why. Lost and without allies, he has to rely on a complete stranger to extricate himself from a bind. Piston is off-limits. Linus knows he'll bring his biker bear nothing but pain and trouble. He's not worthy of Piston's love, but Piston is determined to prove him wrong.

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